Wednesday, August 27, 2008

handmade (and not by you) april

I think scrapbooks are so pretty. Only problem---no way I'm going to scrapbook. My solution? Etsy!

I would buy this one in a heartbeat if I had 120 bucks to spend on whatever I wanted. *Where is my 2nd economy stimulus check! haha. Maybe my husband will read this and surprise me with it for Christmas....*hinthint* (Although I probably have a better chance of Santa reading this than my husband, lol)

And acually stampingirl2's entire shop has the cutest stuff in general.

Paperbag scrapbooks are really cute too, and not as expensive. But they aren't acid free so pictures will fade over time.

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Devyn said...

they really have the cutest stuff. my mom said that she would buy me one of the little baby books.. im so excited!! they are adorable.. and the just add pictures feature is worth every penny!