Sunday, October 26, 2008

Think Outside the Lotion: the explanation

Okay, I know lotion is great, and most of us would be very flaky without it, but I almost always only like it when I buy it myself or if the person buying it for me actually knows my 'smell taste'.(Side note, that sentence is amazingly long). So we will be making a series of posts up until Christmas of present ideas that aren't lotion. Now you may be thinking, Christmas? It's SO far away. But I can't help getting in the spirit early because my side of the family does something called Christmathanks. We combine Christmas and Thanksgiving into one giant holiday so we don't have to fight with anyone about who's going where and seeing what family for the holidays. This way we see our family for Christmathanks and our spouses family for Christmas. We love it! Stay tuned for our first idea...

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