Monday, October 27, 2008

Think outside the Candles also Please!

I know its probably a given, but Candles are also included in this think outside the lotion thing. One thing that I like to do when thinking of what gift to give, is think about what that person is interested in. For example she likes to shop. I imagine that I am her at the store and so instead of getting her what I think she would like, I go to the section that she would go to and I think of an article of clothing she already has, I then try to find something that would complement that Item. It seems to work pretty well for me so far.
Also another tip is that if you think she has too many belts, shoes, purses, etc... She probably doesn't. I take that as a guide to shopping for her, the more shoes she has the more she likes them!
I'm sure most of you know these things already, but seeing as it is the beginning of the holiday season I thought I would share.

ps a cool magnet makes a great gift topper.

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