Monday, April 20, 2009

Testing Testing

While I am laying out here in the bueatiful sun in my backyard, I'm
testing out bloggers new email from your phone to post feature. I have
an iPhone and am constantly amazed at how much I can get done with
such a small device. Being a working mom it is very important for me
to be efficiant, this fancy phone helps with that. Now when I get home
from a long day I don't have the desire to go straight to the computer
and check emails. I can now get it all done with my phone on my brakes
at work. With that said let's see if this works.


april said...

it worked. but let's face it, that spacing is annoying!

The Basels said...

Is this an app for your iphone. What's the app called. I might get more blogging done if I could do it from my iphone.

Rach said...

Hey Kristen sorry it took a few days to get back to you. But its actually not an application. I never even thought to look for one. On you control page in blogger there was a new icon by the blog title. You can either text your blogs or emeil them. Let me know if that helps.