Saturday, November 22, 2008

gift idea: reusable shopping bags

Re-usable shopping bags are very hot right now. And I know sometimes I leave the grocery store with a million bags so other people probably don't have enough reusable bags for those big grocery days. And I doubt that the bags they already have are as cute as the one you get for them. :) Plus I use my bags for so much more than just groceries. I always end up forgetting stuff when I pack my suitcase so I end up using all my bags for last minute things I need to take. I also use them to tote my knitting around. I love them. I started out with bagu bags. Then I found envirosax. The downfall with the bagu bags is that they aren't connected to the pouch that they are stored in so then there is a seperate piece to keep track of. Not fun. Also, while they do have alot of vibrant colors, there are no patterns. Envirosax fold up into snaps that are attached to the bag and the patterns are soso cute! They are 8.50 a piece or 37.95 for a pouch of 5. That's 5 great gifts for abot 7.50 each!

for the kids:

and so cute:


Misty said...

I really like the chico bags. They fold into themselves and they come with a clip and are only $5 each. (and Rach, I know somewhere to get them in town, so no shipping cost)

Heidi said...

I've seen the envirosax and really want some. They are so cute.

Lady Susan said...

What is great is to wrap/gift gifts in reusable bags. Two gifts in one and you aren't wasting precious resources in wrapping paper.

A couple of people did that for bridal shower gifts, and I loved it.